Brachioplasty: FAQs

By: Dr. Lawrence Iteld


Hate those bat wings? Who doesn’t? After all, people who have excess skin and fat hanging below their upper arms often try to hide their arms beneath loose-fitting clothing. Some people have flabby upper arms at a young age because of heredity. But for many people, life — age, weight changes, or even pregnancy — can result in sagging, loose skin, and you can’t make the fat go away no matter how much you diet and exercise. The good news is that brachioplasty is an effective surgical way to improve your arms. Let’s look at this procedure and explore reasons you may want to consider if it’s right for you:

WHAT is Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty, commonly called an arm lift, is a great way that permanently remove excess skin and fat from the armpit to the elbow. By surgically excising the excess skin, an arm lift can give your upper arms a more toned appearance.

HOW is Brachioplasty performed?

You’ll be under general anesthesia, gently sleeping while I work on your arms. I’ll make the incisions on the underside, usually the length from armpit to elbow, and remove the excess skin and fat. When needed, liposuction is an added component to reduce fat. The entire procedure concludes with my tightening the underlying tissues, repositioning the remaining skin, and closing the incisions.

IS narcotics-free recovery possible?

Absolutely. My carefully crafted narcotics-free protocol is designed so you don’t have to worry about pain that won’t exist. This allows you to concentrate on healing without unneeded pain and the unwanted side effects of narcotics.

ARE there other options to fix the problem?

Patients often ask if having just liposuction would be an acceptable option. After all, there wouldn’t be scars, and recovery would be quicker. For some, that’s possible. But it won’t fix saggy underarms. The same thing is true for CoolSculpting. If all you have is stubborn fat – sure. But, bat wings typically involve extra skin, and when your skin hangs, brachioplasty is a great solution.

WHO is a candidate for arm lift surgery?

This surgery is ideal for anyone unhappy with the laxity in their upper arms and are eager to correct it. As with all surgeries, you should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations of the results.

WHAT other considerations are there?

Arm lift results can be long-lasting. However, as with all your skin, you’ll see natural looseness as you age. Some sagging might occur. The best things you can do are maintain a stable weight, exercise, hydrate, and stay healthy. Also, check in with us for ever-evolving nonsurgical procedures to keep your skin looking tighter and younger.

WANT to lose the bat wings?

If you’re unhappy with sagging, flabby upper arms, it may be a good time to talk with us about Brachioplasty. Please contact my patient coordinators and schedule your confidential consultation. Click here or send us an email at [email protected].

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