Post-Weight Loss Surgery in Chicago, IL

Losing a significant amount of weight takes incredible work and discipline, which is exactly why it can be frustrating when your payoff is a saggy, flabby body with loose skin hanging off. For many men and women, this is an unfortunate reality that comes with weight loss. Regardless of where the hanging skin resides, plastic surgery is generally the only way to resolve the issue. At Iteld Plastic Surgery, we want you to be able to celebrate your weight loss with a body that matches the effort you put in. This cosmetic procedure can be life-changing, serving as the last step of our patients' weight loss journey and the ultimate reward for all of their hard work getting fit. Best of all, we can target different areas of the body to give you a more toned look wherever you want. To learn more about post-weight loss surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lawrence Iteld and the team at our Chicago, IL office.

Every patient's case is unique so we'll begin with a private consultation to discuss your goals and the areas you'd like to address. Post-weight loss surgery often incorporates a number of procedures, including thigh lifts, arm lifts, Brazilian butt lifts, tummy tucks, breast lifts, facelifts, or liposuction, to eliminate any remaining pockets of stubborn fat. We also offer surgical and nonsurgical body contouring for patients who want to show off their new figure. During your initial visit to our Chicago, IL office, we'll discuss which procedures are recommended for you and what you can expect with your treatment.

Weight loss is a major feat that you should take satisfaction in; however, weight loss can also pose its own problems, including saggy skin and stubborn patches of fat. Post-bariatric surgery at our Chicago, IL office can allow you to enhance your figure and complete your transformation with numerous amazing benefits, including:

  • Enhances mobility and physical activity
  • Recontours the physique for a more proportional appearance
  • Can target various parts of the body
  • Removes unsightly loose, sagging skin
  • Helps to lessen skin inflammation and rashes caused by chafing
  • Results in an improved, more attractive appearance
  • Gives a lift to self-assurance and body image
  • Improves posture
  • Provides lift and firms sagging skin

The entire staff here was so amazing, I cannot recommend them enough! I had top surgery with Dr. Iteld and he, and the entire staff, were extremely welcoming, kind, and so supportive every step of the way. They are extremely affirming and take the time to make sure you have all your questions answered and feel comfortable. I had never had any surgery before and everyone at this location made me feel so at ease. And my results are AMAZING! I am so grateful to Dr. Iteld and his entire team for going above and beyond to help me through this process and for giving me a chest that I love! I truly cannot thank everyone enough for what they have given me.

K.W. Google

I’ve been going to Dr. Iteld’s office for skin treatments for the past few years and would not go anywhere else in Chicago! Entire staff is fantastic. Kimmy is absolutely amazing to work with and I trust her completely with my skin. She’s extremely thorough and patient and truly cares about making sure her patients are relaxed and comfortable during treatments. I always look forward to appointments with her!!

J.E. Google

Totally amazed at the transformation - fantastic follow-up - It took time but I am totally amazed at the transformation. I had a tummy tuck with a 360 lipo and I was way overdue for this. I was a little worried because of my age. No fear because Dr Iteld did such an amazing job . I dropped 2 dresses went from a 12 to an 8 in 2 months. My belly is gone. Better then before my children. Followed his instructions and his follow up was fantastic he checked on my progress physically in his office seeing me twice a week for over a month then weekly. If I had issues they were addressed. I’ve had a lot of past surgeries for medicals reasons but this is the best follow up I’ve ever had. Dr Iteld took a true interest in every step of the way.

L. RealSelf

I've had an outstanding experience with Dr. Iteld and his team. The doctor is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, and his approach is always kind and compassionate. His team is consistently organized and helpful, making every visit an enjoyable one. I highly recommend Dr. Iteld to anyone in need of expert cosmetic medical care.

M.K. Yelp

Breast implant revision - consistently organized, helpful & outstanding - I've had an outstanding experience with Dr. Iteld and his team. The doctor is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, and his approach is always kind and compassionate. His team is consistently organized and helpful, making every visit a pleasant one. I highly recommend Dr. Iteld to anyone in need of expert cosmetic medical care.

M. RealSelf


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Will insurance pay for after weight loss surgery?

Health insurance does not usually cover the costs of cosmetic surgery. However, policies do vary and may apply to weight loss patients where loose skin becomes a medical concern. If you would like to use your insurance company, let Dr. Iteld know during your consultation. We can provide the necessary information to complete your insurance claim.

When should I get after weight loss surgery?

As you start to lose weight, areas of loose skin will become more apparent in different areas of the body. This is likely the best time to book a surgical consultation at Iteld Plastic Surgery. Patients should be at a stable weight before undergoing this procedure to ensure the best possible results. Plus, it is important to have realistic expectations and understand that recovery may take some time.

What will recovery be like after weight loss surgery?

Recovery will vary depending on the specific procedures performed and your individual healing abilities. Generally, patients should plan for at least several weeks of downtime and avoid strenuous physical activity during this time. You may also experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising, but these side effects are temporary and can be managed with medication prescribed by our team in Chicago, IL.

Weight loss is a tremendous achievement that you should be able to take joy in. If loose, saggy skin is keeping you from being satisfied with your weight loss results, Dr. Iteld invites you to learn about your options for post-weight loss surgery. Our team is ready to help you transform your physique and finally achieve your goals. Contact Iteld Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL to schedule your consultation.

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