Microneedling in Chicago, IL

If you aren't getting the results you want from over-the-counter skin products but aren't quite ready for plastic surgery, microneedling may be the solution for you. Also called collagen induction therapy, this popular nonsurgical skin rejuvenation treatment uses fine-gauge needles to safely and effectively make micro-injuries in the skin. The micro-injuries prompt the natural production of collagen and elastin, two nutrients that enhance the appearance and health of your complexion. At Iteld Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lawrence Iteld and our team often recommend microneedling as a way to minimize the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, and enlarged pores. What's more, this exciting treatment can be paired with vitamin serums to nourish your skin for a healthy, radiant complexion that lasts. Schedule a consultation at Iteld Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL to learn more about microneedling and discuss how we can personalize your procedure for optimal results.

Since microneedling is a nonsurgical procedure, we can perform this treatment at our Chicago, IL office using local anesthetics and Pro-Nox™ (on request) to help you stay relaxed and comfortable. A member of our team will first clean the treatment area of any oil or dirt before using our SkinPen® applicator to make micro-channels in the skin. After the microneedling is finished, we may apply a vitamin serum to provide added nourishment. We'll finish by applying moisturizing cream and sunscreen to protect your newly refreshed skin from the sun as it heals. Over time, the benefits of your microneedling session will become apparent as the collagen and elastin go to work, leaving you with softer, supple, radiant skin.

Microneedling treatments at Iteld Plastic Surgery offer several benefits, such as:

  • Addresses wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging
  • Improves the skin's tone and texture
  • Reduces the appearance of scars, brown spots, or stretch marks
  • Safe, minimally invasive procedure


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Enhance the appearance and health of your complexion with microneedling treatments at Iteld Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL. A minimally invasive treatment known for producing powerful results, microneedling increases your natural production of collagen for smoother, firmer skin. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Iteld and our team to find out more information about this procedure and other skin rejuvenation treatments we offer.

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