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A surgical breast lift (or mastopexy) is a cosmetic procedure that lifts and reshapes the breasts by trimming away excess skin and pulling tight the leftover tissue to give them a firmer, perkier appearance. This body contouring surgery is ideal for women who are happy with the size of their breasts but who are experiencing drooping due to weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. Dr. Lawrence Iteld, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in Chicago, IL, offers this popular procedure at Iteld Plastic Surgery. By implementing the most advanced methods, Dr. Iteld can decide on the appropriate technique based on the degree of sag present, keeping in mind the desired result.

Breast lift surgery at Iteld Plastic Surgery usually takes two hours or more and is performed while the patient is under non-narcotic anesthesia. The timeframe of this surgery is dependent on the nature of breast size and sagging. The surgical technique used for mastopexy surgery generally falls under two categories — these are based on the size, location, and nature of the incision. The anchor technique (inverted-T) and the vertical incisions are the preferred methods. Once the incision is made, any excess skin is removed along with unwanted fat and tissue. The skin left behind is then tightened, and the breasts are brought up and secured so they appear younger and healthy. In many cases, the size of the areola is decreased to be symmetric with the new breast. At this point, an implant or a fat transfer can be inserted within the breast (if you are also receiving an augmentation). Additional volume can also be removed at this time for women who want a breast reduction.

Whether you're pairing it with another procedure or experiencing it on its own, breast lift surgery at Iteld Plastic Surgery comes with a selection of potential benefits, including:

  • Brings the breasts to a higher position for a younger, perkier appearance
  • Gives sagging breasts a rounder, more attractive shape
  • Restores symmetry to the breasts
  • Elevates the nipples for a lifted effect
  • Scars are minimal and easy to hide
  • Results are long-lasting

I got a breast lift and silicone implants with Dr. Iteld about a year ago and I can’t express how thankful for this team and how much I love my results! I previously got my breast son 10 years prior with a different doctor and had a much different experience. Dr. I told him his team were amazing from consultation, to surgery, to aftercare in a year later I couldn’t love my results anymore. He listen to what I wanted to correct and what I wanted for the outcome. He educated me and explained everything thoroughly. I have a bigger building. Wanted some breasts that would complement my size, but also for a perky and lifted, and I feel like we achieved just that. 10 out of 10 recommend Dr iteld!

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I will start with making an appt for consultation. I believe i spoke with Ashley, correct me if i wrong. She was so kind, answered all my question and find the perfect time for my consultation. Consultation day. I managed to find parking in garage in building, went on 3rd floor, took other elevator to enter the building, then went thru hallway, find another elevator and took 6th floor. Its was so easy to find everything. I spoke first Linda Zamora, she is Patient Coordinator. She is the sweetest person ever! She explained everything to me. I was looking for right size of breast implant for me. She went thru every information, even take a photos of me to see how i look even if they have tall mirror on the wall. She was so patient with me since i was so confused and insecure about the size. Later, I meet dr Iteld. He is awesome as well. So confident, professional and most of all a true gentleman. I like how he made a jokes with me, made me relaxed. He was so honest and found a true size for my body, since i didn’t want them too small or too big. He also answered all of my questions, as well, spent enough time with me, he didn’t rushed me at all. Also, he told me all about the risks and benefits, which helped a lot. You can find a lot of unreliable informations on google and so untrue ‘facts’. Final consultation day. I saw nurse Kimmy. She spent one hour explaining everything to me. She did so good that i left building feeling like i was employee there, full on knowledge. She was explaining to me like i was 5 yo, which i liked. Everything wrote down don’t so i don’t forget anything. And she was right!! I forgot couple of things and luckily i had everything on paper! Dr Iteld made a final decision about breast lift and implants. Left clinic really happy! Surgery day. Everything went smoothly. Checking in, i didn’t wait too long since i came 30 min earlier. Nurses were so kind and gentle. I meet dr Iteld again for marking. He was so positive and informed my husband once he was done with surgery. Anesthesiologist was very professional as well. I was so confident and ready for procedure, cause they made me feel safe and all those information they provided to me made me feel secure. The only thing i ‘didn’t like’ is that my procedure was scheduled at 10am, but they were little bit late (like 20 min or so, not a big deal at all!!) just i was so impatient to get them done lol. I can even address as a complain. I was woken up from anesthesia, nurse was so gentle. I had the best nap every, but it felt like asleep for 15 min, not 2 hours. Nurse (sorry i forgot her name) was so gentle and helpful. Dr Iteld uses narcotics free recovery. So far i had 0 pain and just a little bit of pressure. Breastfeeding mom will understand that, pressure feels like i have to pump out big amount of milk. Tomorrow is my check up. Can’t wait! You will make no mistake if you choose Dr Iteld! Summary - the best decision ever i made for my body! Happy that i found the right place to do it! 🤩

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Breast lift surgery has changed the lives of countless patients. If you are troubled by hanging, sagging breasts that interfere with everyday activities or stop you from buying the clothes you want, a breast lift at Iteld Plastic Surgery may be the right surgery for you. During your initial consultation, Dr. Iteld will perform a thorough physical exam and learn more about the goals you want to achieve before building a surgical plan designed to help transform your breasts. We invite you to contact Iteld Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL and learn more about how to begin your cosmetic surgery journey.

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