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A common skin issue, scars can be located anywhere on the face and body. For some people, a scar is a painful reminder of an old wound or some other issue that caused a disruption to the skin's surface. While most scars aren't a worry, some scars are unsightly and unappealing. They can be too wide or too big, dark, bumpy, recessed, or raised. If you have a scar (or multiple scars) that you'd like to get rid of, laser scar reduction at Iteld Plastic Surgery offers a noninvasive solution. Using our practice's leading-edge laser technology, Dr. Lawrence Iteld and our team can dramatically reduce the appearance of scars for a healthier, more even skin tone. To learn more, reach out to our office today to schedule a private consultation.

At Iteld Plastic Surgery, we perform laser scar treatments using the advanced Veil™ and Hybrid® systems from Alma, a trusted name in cosmetic technology. To start, Dr. Iteld or another member of our team will apply a numbing cream to the area to reduce any sensation you might experience from the laser. For individuals who require it, we also offer Pro-Nox™ for pain management and anxiety. Once your skin is desensitized, we'll pass the laser applicator over the scar. Depending on your needs and the condition of your skin, both the Veil and Hybrid lasers can be adjusted to provide optimal results. Once we're done, you can immediately get back to your day. For the next few hours, your skin may be pink and sensitive, but this is only temporary. Over time, you should notice a reduction in the appearance of your scar as your skin starts to repair itself. Most patients require a number of laser scar treatments to see the full results. During your consultation, we'll build out a treatment schedule so you know what to expect.

If you're frustrated due to scarring or a scar on your face or body, laser scar reduction can help you attain brighter, softer skin. This noninvasive scar revision treatment is ideal for women and men who want to address scarring while revitalizing their skin with benefits that include:

  • Treats almost all types of scars on the face and body
  • Brightens the skin for a more even complexion
  • Little to no discomfort
  • Adjustable settings offer a more precise treatment for a variety of skin types
  • Enhances self-image and confidence

Astonishing treatment - life changing - I received female to male transgender top surgery on June 12 2023. Dr Iteld and his team and the hospital staff were extremely kind and patient and addressed any concerns or questions. Provided me a paper copy as well as talking it with me on every part of how the operation is performed and how to prepare for it and the recovery process. I was able to go home the same day of the surgery and recovery wasn't that bad. It mostly felt sore like, as Dr Iteld described it "had a snowboarding accident" but nothing too bad. When I saw the results with all of the bandages and everything off all I could do was smile. I was speechless with how amazing it looked. I looked in the mirror and felt something I hadn't felt in a long time, happiness. Happiness and confidence. The nipple placement was perfect and the scars aligned perfectly with my torso where when I build up my pectoral muscles they'll be less visible. Seriously, astonishing. Life changing.

J. RealSelf

Youthful and naturally refreshed appearance - I recently underwent a lower face facelift with Dr. Iteld, and I am thrilled to share my extraordinary experience. Dr. Iteld is undoubtedly an artistic genius, as he skillfully works with the inner structure of the face to restore a youthful and naturally refreshed appearance. His attentiveness and personable nature put me at ease throughout the entire process. From the moment I stepped into his office, I was greeted by a team of friendly and attentive professionals, making the entire journey a breeze and a genuine pleasure.The recovery period was surprisingly bearable, thanks to Dr. Iteld's close monitoring and care. Three months post-surgery, I am delighted with the results; I look great, and my scars have virtually disappeared. I highly recommend Dr. Iteld to anyone seeking exceptional results and a transformative experience. My newfound confidence and rejuvenated look are a testament to his expertise and artistic approach to facial rejuvenation.

C. RealSelf


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If you're bothered by the appearance of an unsightly scar or the memories it brings up, Dr. Iteld and our team at Iteld Plastic Surgery can help with laser scar reduction treatments. During your consultation, we'll assess the size, shape, depth, and type of scar you're dealing with before creating a custom-tailored treatment plan to minimize its appearance or even eliminate it entirely. Reach out to our office in Chicago, IL to discuss your options for laser scar reduction.

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