Breast augmentation or breast lift: What’s better for you? Or both?

By: Our Team


When women come in for a consultation, they aren’t always sure exactly what they need. A common question with my post-pregnancy and/or older women is “Do I need a breast augmentation or a breast lift?” Let me start by explaining what these procedures accomplish and then look at the combination option.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation enhances your size, shape, and profile. It addresses the too-small size, loss of volume, asymmetry, and inadequate cleavage.

  • For breast augmentation using implants, you have the option of saline or silicone. We have various sizes, shapes, and implants from which you can choose. During your pre-surgery consultation, we use Vectra 3D imaging so you’ll see how you’ll look even before you make your final decision. This simulation system provides detailed, 3D images to give you a clear understanding of the results you can expect from your breast augmentation procedure.
  • Another breast augmentation option is a fat transfer from another area of your body. This is a great solution for women who want a modest increase in both breasts or want to correct a slight asymmetry. With this technique, I harvest fat where you don’t want it and use it where you do!

Breast Lift

Aging causes breasts to sag or droop. Body changes caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, and rapid weight loss also have negative effects on breasts. Saggy, droopy breasts can affect your entire silhouette and even change the way clothes fit. A breast lift (a mastopexy) improves your breasts’ positioning. It’s an effective way to restore perkiness, improve projection, firm the breast mound, and even produce a more youthful silhouette. A breast lift is a good choice for women who have:

  • unsatisfactory breast shape or volume loss.
  • droopy breasts.
  • nipples that are below the crease of their breasts when not wearing a bra.
  • nipples that point downward.

For a breast lift, I remove excess skin and tighten up surrounding tissue to give you a younger, perkier look. Keep in mind that it doesn’t change the volume of the breasts. To do that, you’ll want augmentation…or a combination.

Combining Procedures

Not everyone needs both procedures. But for those of you who do, these procedures performed together can fully transform your upper body, producing a look that is much more complementary to your self-image. You’ll be able to have the size breasts you want, positioned properly, and a restored more youthful appearance. Plus, you’ll look better in anything you wear.

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