Breast Augmentation: See yourself before surgery with Vectra 3D

By: Our Team


You’ve decided you want breast augmentation for a bigger or better-balanced body contour. But you aren’t sure how you’ll look after surgery, and this can be a bit disconcerting. Looking at before and after photos is good, but you’re unique. Your anatomy is very much yours and not that of someone else, nor of a celebrity whose photos you’ve seen on social media. The good news is we have a great way for you to “see” how you’ll look before undergoing your procedure—Vectra 3D.

How Vectra 3D imaging works

Vectra 3D captures 3D images in just a few minutes. The system uses highly specialized software that allows us to work with you to highlight the proposed treatment and apply various changes. Just imagine: you’ll be able to simulate how you’ll look with various sizes, shapes, and implant fills. Since this is digital and not surgical, we can explore various options until you find the look that works for you. In short, you get a sneak peek of your potential results.

Most commonly asked questions

  • Can I see how I’d look with different implants? Yes. That’s one of the great advantages to this. You’ll be able to see how you’d look with different sizes, shapes, and types of implants.
  • My breasts aren’t the same size. Can this help choose which implants will be best for each breast? Breast asymmetry is very common. Vectra 3D has special tools to show the size and position of implants for each breast, which will help us develop a surgical plan to compensate for it.
  • Will the Vectra 3D simulation be the same as my surgical outcomes? No, it is not an absolute. Imaging provides a range and an approximation of what you may look like after surgery. Your actual results will be similar, but not exactly the same as the simulations.

Make an informed decision

Not sure if plastic surgery is right for you? Or, you’ve decided you want breast surgery, but still not sure what size or type of implant to choose. By using Vectra 3D, you can make an informed decision about your upcoming surgery. Vectra 3D during your consultation allows for detailed surgical planning, providing you with visual answers to your questions and setting reasonable expectations for your breast augmentation surgery.

Test drive your new look

Please contact my patient coordinators for your confidential consultation including Vectra 3D imaging by sending an email to [email protected].


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* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.