Five tips for maintaining breast augmentation results

By: Dr. Lawrence Iteld


We’re so glad you chose Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery for your breast augmentation surgery. We want you to have your best results. Here are five tips to help make that happen:

1. Follow all post-operative care instructions

Before your procedure, we’ll give you post-operative care instructions. We strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with this information so you’re ready to care for your breasts and your well-being. 

Instructions include: 

  • Planning for your recommended downtime 
  • Proper wound care and medications, if any 
  • Wearing supportive garments 
  • Periodic check-ins with our office 
  • Follow up appointments

Following our instruction is very important to your proper healing and in helping you maintain the benefits of your breast augmentation.

2. Wear supportive bras

Wearing the right bras can make all the difference. You’ll need adequate support to prevent unnecessary strain or displacement. Choose well-fitting bras that give your breasts the needed support and stability that will make you comfortable, optimizing the longevity and outcome of your surgical results. There are many new options on the market — some with and without underwires — to support your augmented breasts comfortably.

3. Avoid strenuous activities

With our non-narcotic recovery procedure, you probably aren’t feeling any pain and think you can get right back to your normal activities. Not so fast, please!

After body contouring surgery such as breast augmentation, you must give your body the time it needs to heal. Go for a walk, but no strenuous activities or high-impact exercises until we give you the go-ahead. Ideally, you’ll want to strike a balance between staying active and allowing adequate time for proper recovery. 

4. Get needed rest

Getting adequate rest lets your body allocate energy and resources to the healing process, enhancing your recovery. Sleep is your friend. You really need your beauty rest following surgery. But how do you sleep following surgery is important, too. 

  • Sleep on your back 
  • Use supportive pillows  
  • Remain slightly elevated

5. Stay positive

Regardless of what procedure you’ve had, a positive attitude is a great way to ensure a good outcome. Realistic expectations are key. We often hear patients say they thought they’d be back to their normal lives and have their new body in just a short period of time. The reality is that it can takes months for swelling to dissipate, implants to settle in place, and other body changes to finish happening. Believe in your ability to heal, and prepare to celebrate your body’s (and self-esteem’s) transformation. 

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