Plastic Surgery: Natural results are possible…and desirable

By: Our Team


Let’s get real: Not a lot of patients want to look like plastic Barbie and Ken dolls. Regardless of the procedure, during their consults, many of my patients discuss how they want natural results, to look better, more refreshed, and/or younger versions of themselves. Over the past few years, we have seen major advances in surgical techniques that allow me to create more natural results for my patients with narcotics-free recovery and greatly reduced downtime.

What does it mean to have natural results?

Breast implants that look like a woman’s wearing battle armor, or a facelift pulled so tight a person looks like they are part of a wind tunnel experiment are not attractive! Let’s consider a few good examples of natural results:

  • A natural-looking facelift helps my patients look the way they did 15-20 years ago — i.e., younger, more rested, and rejuvenated.
  • An appropriate breast lift helps undo what years of gravity and other breast issues created.
  • That hated lump or bump on a patient’s nose — either one you’ve always had or one caused by injury — magically disappears with Rhinoplasty.
  • A mommy makeover helps women get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies. And, for many women, it’s an opportunity to enhance what might also need a bit of help.
  • A daddy-over helps men regain their confidence as they enjoy their improved appearance.

What if you want something else?

Not every patient wants natural looks. Instead, they are looking for more dramatic results. For example, some patients have requested oversized breast implants, and others want over-scooped noses. It’s okay! No one’s choice is wrong, and we provide surgical solutions for these, as well.

How to have the best results?

Regardless of what you want to achieve, there are a few things you can do to have the best results from your plastic surgery journey.

Ask questions.

Plastic surgery isn’t one-size-fits-all, or at least it shouldn’t be and, therefore, it isn’t that in my practice! The techniques I use are customized for my patients based on each one’s particular goals, size, and shape. I always welcome questions! The more we talk about what you want and what is possible, the better I can tailor your surgery to your physical architecture and desired results.

Have realistic expectations.

Having realistic expectations means understanding just what surgery can and can’t do. During your consultations, we discuss your goals and determine what is possible, as well as what is realistic. My patient coordinators and I offer advice to help you determine the appropriate procedures for you and to help you manage your expectations.

Work with the right plastic surgeon for you.

Just as with any specialty, not all plastic surgeons are the same. You may like a doctor’s personality but not the before and after photos showing his/her work. By contrast, you may not feel a personal connection with the surgeon but love the photos on the surgeon’s website of previous procedures. Make sure the surgeon you choose…

  • is a board-certified plastic surgeon in good standing.
  • has positive reviews on Google, Real Self, and other trustworthy sites.
  • connects well with you.
  • does the type of work you want, i.e., results that let you be the best version of yourself.

Schedule your consultation now

It’s well past time to say goodbye to fake, too-large breasts, and butts; pulled faces that are overly done; strangely shaped noses; and other less-than-natural results. It’s time to create a fresher and better version of yourself. Please contact my patient coordinators to schedule your confidential consultation. Click here or send us an email at [email protected].

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