SkinVive by Juvéderm: Get a lasting glow

By: Our Team


We are pleased to offer SkinVive™ by Juvéderm®. It is a skin quality treatment that works beneath your skin’s surface to improve cheek smoothness for healthier-looking skin no matter your skin type or tone.

This FDA approved injectable hydrator enhances your natural glow—without changing your natural look. Designed to temporarily increase hydration to improve smoothness and reduce fine lines in the cheeks. Although most patients notice an improvement within a week of the treatment, clinical studies show a measurable and significant increase in skin hydration at the first month, and one treatment will give you up to six months of glowing results.

SkinVive helps your skin retain its natural moisture and softness leading to improved skin smoothness of the cheeks.

How it works 

This injectable is a modified hyaluronic acid gel that our expert aesthetic nurse injects below the skin's surface using a microdroplet technique that deposits the hyaluronic acid directly into the dermis, the skin’s second layer. By contrast, we place most other fillers subdermally, which is good for restoring volume and lifting but does not rejuvenate the skin. 

Now with SkinVive, by injecting directly into the skin, you’ll see improved skin quality with increased hydration for improved cheek smoothness. On average, a treatment session lasts about 15 minutes, and you’ll have minimal downtime.

The Benefits

SkinVive is clearly different from other injectables and has several key benefits:  

  • Improved skin quality: It’s made with water-binding ingredients that attract and lock in hydration.  
  • Lasts up to 6 months: This ensures a long lasting, youthful appearance. Best of all, only one treatment is needed to see results.  
  • Suitable for all skin types: When the dermal layer is optimally hydrated, the skin appears healthier, smoother, and with fewer lines and wrinkles.  
  • A hydrated foundation: your skin is your most visible feature – keep it hydrated and glowing! 

The Best Candidate 

SkinVive is approved for adults over 21 and can be used on all skin types. It's ideal if you have skin concerns about the skin quality on their cheeks, such as fine lines, wrinkles, or rough skin. 

Ready, set, glow

It’s time to discover if SkinVive is right for you Please contact our experienced patient coordinators at [email protected] or call 312.757 .4505  to schedule your confidential consultation.

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