Why Do a Lift with Breast Augmentation

By: Dr. Lawrence Iteld


Need a lift as well as volume? You’re not alone. Many women who have sagging breasts benefit from a breast lift (mastopexy), but they also want additional volume. Combining a breast lift with augmentation surgery often accomplishes what neither surgery can do on its own. This combined surgery incorporates skin tightening, which removes excess skin and lifts the breast to a higher place on the chest wall, and implants to achieve the desired volume. Most times, Dr. Iteld repositions the nipples for a more natural look. In all, breast augmentation with a lift creates beautiful, shapelier breasts, and this comprehensive, all-inclusive solution is ideal for many women.

Breast Lift (mastopexy)

A breast lift doesn’t alter the size of your breasts, but it does change their shape and location. The idea is that they are lifted up for a rounder, more youthful, and perkier breast shape.,. This is an extremely popular procedure for older women and for those who have been pregnant, for women whose breasts have started to sag. Mastopexy involves surgically removing excess skin, and sometimes tissue, to bring the breasts back up so that they sit higher up on the chest. Dr. Iteld makes the areola smaller and moves it back up to the proper position. He removes excess skin soft tissue to get rid of laxity.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery changes the size of your breasts. The goal is to make your breasts the size and shape you want and have them look as natural as possible. This procedure consists of making incisions, followed by the insertion of implants. The good news is you can “try on” different implants with our 3-D imaging prior to making your choice. This will help you visualize what your appearance could be after breast augmentation surgery. Based on decisions you make in your pre-op appointments with Dr. Iteld and his patient coordinators, breast implants will be placed either on top of the chest muscle or underneath them.

The combination

While many women want to correct their sagging breasts with a lift, the surgery doesn’t add any upper fullness above the nipple line. By contrast, a breast augmentation helps increase overall size and improves shapes of small and asymmetrical breasts, but won’t correct excessive sagginess. Dr. Iteld can help you achieve a perky silhouette by including a mastopexy with your augmentation procedure.

“Breast augmentation coupled with a lift pairs the aesthetic improvements of these two popular surgeries you want to achieve. It gives you the best of both worlds all at once.” Dr Iteld

Long lasting results

Breast lifts can last for years, especially when you adhere to a healthy lifestyle. So keep in mind that any significant change in your weight — albeit from gain, loss, or pregnancies — could affect your long-term results. You’ll want to be near your ideal weight and not plan on getting pregnant. And, although implants may not last forever, many can stay in place for 15 years or longer before needing to be replaced.

Time to talk with us

If bigger and perkier breasts are on your bucket list, combining a lift with augmentation may be right for you. Please contact our experienced patient coordinators at [email protected] or click here to schedule your confidential consultation.

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