CoolSculpting: Let’s talk about it!

By: Our Team


Fat. Fat. Go away. But, wishing it away, dieting, and exercising don’t work. Everything you’ve tried may shrink your fat cells, but when you stop your hard-core routine, those stubborn fat cells are back to their old unwanted form and locations. The good news is that CoolSculpting freezes them and makes unwanted fat go away for good!

What is CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting® freezes and kills fat cells. The company’s experts spent years developing and refining the process, which they call cryolipolysis. It applies targeted cooling to trouble spots to freeze and eliminate fat cells. You’ll enjoy the fact that CoolSculpting can reduce stub-born fat by up to 20-25% in the treatment areas, all with little to no downtime and no surgery.

Areas we treat

This fat-freezing nonsurgical procedure is effective at eliminating unwanted fat in various areas including:

  • Arms
  • Flanks
  • love handles
  • belly fat
  • inner and outer thighs
  • banana roll
  • bra bulge
  • back fat
  • knees
  • double chin

Typical CoolSculpting session

The entire time varies slightly, but the typical cycle session usually takes about 45 – 60 minutes, which includes preparing the area, applying applicators to the desired treatment area, actually running the 35-minute cycle, and massaging the area after removal of the applicator. Once completed, the procedure starts over if you are having more than one area treated. It’s a relaxing time when you can read, watch whatever on your phone or tablet, or simply nap.

How long does it take to see results?

To get the desired results, most patients treat a target area twice (or more). You won’t see results immediately, but you will over time. Since the process takes time for your dead cells to flush from your system, the new slimmer contours will appear gradually.

Ready to freeze away unwanted fat cells?

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