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If you're looking for cosmetic treatments in Chicago, IL that are customized not only to meet but surpass your goals, then our team at Iteld Plastic Surgery would like to meet with you. Our team has extensive training and experience in providing surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic treatments for men and women with a variety of concerns. Since our opening in 2013, we have heard from countless patients who were amazed at the level of service and care our team provided for them. If you're considering a cosmetic treatment, we encourage you to take some time to read through our collection of testimonials and get a better idea of how we can serve you.

Reviews for Chicago, IL Medical Doctor Dr. Lawrence Iteld Face Services

5.0 Review from B.F. Source: Google Dec 22 2023

"It's been a year since Dr. Itled performed my neck lift and a nip tuck for my lower eyelids. It all turned out perfect! I can't imagine a better result. I wanted a subltle effect that erased aging on my neck and jaw, but wouldn't make me look plastic. Dr. Iteld delivered exaclty want I wanted. People I've known forever, even my mom, didnt know why I looked so good. I see Dr. Iteld for Botox too and we discussed my surgery for a few years before I was ready. Dr. Iteld waited patiently for me to say when I was ready -- no pushig, no pressure. And, the staff of professionals who work with Dr. Itled are top notch too. Special call-outs for Carol and Kimmy. My husband was a little hesitant about my surgery plans, unitl he met Dr. Iteld and the amazing staff. My husband ended up being my biggest supporter and a great nurse. One last thing--Dr. Iteld and Carol told me in great detail exaclty what to expect, how to prepare for surgery, aftercare and even a recovery timeframe. I am not exaggerating when I tell you they were spot on about everything. Dr. Iteld and his team are the best plastic surgery group in Chicago!!"

5.0 Review from C. Source: RealSelf Jul 19 2023

"Youthful and naturally refreshed appearance - I recently underwent a lower face facelift with Dr. Iteld, and I am thrilled to share my extraordinary experience. Dr. Iteld is undoubtedly an artistic genius, as he skillfully works with the inner structure of the face to restore a youthful and naturally refreshed appearance. His attentiveness and personable nature put me at ease throughout the entire process. From the moment I stepped into his office, I was greeted by a team of friendly and attentive professionals, making the entire journey a breeze and a genuine pleasure.The recovery period was surprisingly bearable, thanks to Dr. Iteld's close monitoring and care. Three months post-surgery, I am delighted with the results; I look great, and my scars have virtually disappeared. I highly recommend Dr. Iteld to anyone seeking exceptional results and a transformative experience. My newfound confidence and rejuvenated look are a testament to his expertise and artistic approach to facial rejuvenation."

5.0 Review from C. Source: RealSelf Jul 04 2023

"Buccal Fat Removal [Before It Was Trendy] - No Regrets - Considered buccal fat removal for years and was the first cosmetic surgery I've ever done. I made a shortlist of a local plastic surgeons but cancelled other consults after meeting with Dr. Iteld. He assessed my face and concluded I was a good candidate for the procedure based on the amount of buccal fat I had, age [> 30 years old] etc. We also discussed chin lipo with Facetite for my jawline concerns but I wasn't yet ready to do that and felt absolutely no pressure to include with this surgery. I scheduled my buccal surgery shortly after and it was performed under local anesthesia at a hospital in a little less than an hour. I was able to take a quick uber home without supervision and really only needed the day of surgery off [a Thursday] but I returned to work the following Monday remotely. I was in almost no pain and swelling wasn't very visible - I wouldn't feel self conscious walking outside. My recovery went smoothly and I'm very happy with the results. Also everyone at his office is incredibly kind and helpful, I always feel welcome and well taken off when I'm there and the same was true throughout pre and post-op. Surgery June 2021"
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