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DAXXIFY is an exciting new option in wrinkle relaxers that stands out, thanks to its long-lasting results. DAXXIFY's FDA-approved formula uses peptides to relax the facial muscles responsible for producing fine lines and wrinkles, creating a refreshed, more youthful look for up to six months. At Iteld Plastic Surgery, our team is thrilled to offer DAXXIFY as an anti-aging solution for men and women who want to attain a rejuvenated appearance. To learn more about what sets DAXXIFY apart and whether this groundbreaking neuromodulator is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lawrence Iteld and our friendly team in Chicago, IL today.

During your skin care appointment at our Chicago, IL facility, Dr. Iteld or another member of our team will help you determine if DAXXIFY or another product is right for your goals. The actual injections only take a few minutes to deliver, meaning we can probably perform them during this same visit. Before starting, we'll clean your skin and make marks around the planned injection points. We may ask you to make a range of faces during this so we can better spot any problem areas. Once you're ready, we'll administer the DAXXIFY injections through a fine-tipped needle. Afterward, we may apply a cold compress to reduce any swelling or discomfort. The injection process usually takes about 10 – 15 minutes, after which you are welcome to get back to your plans for the day.

DAXXIFY injections at Iteld Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL may be a great option for individuals who want to turn back the clock on their appearance, offering benefits such as:

  • Smoothes a variety of lines and wrinkles around the face
  • Helps slow the development of new wrinkles
  • Lasts longer than other wrinkle relaxer brands (up to six months)
  • Peptide-based formula delivers results quickly
  • Features no human or animal byproducts for a more natural approach

The entire staff here was so amazing, I cannot recommend them enough! I had top surgery with Dr. Iteld and he, and the entire staff, were extremely welcoming, kind, and so supportive every step of the way. They are extremely affirming and take the time to make sure you have all your questions answered and feel comfortable. I had never had any surgery before and everyone at this location made me feel so at ease. And my results are AMAZING! I am so grateful to Dr. Iteld and his entire team for going above and beyond to help me through this process and for giving me a chest that I love! I truly cannot thank everyone enough for what they have given me.

K.W. Google

I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Iteld and I absolutely love my results. He and his team were so kind, professional, thorough, and informative. I was a little nervous of course about surgery, but they made me feel very comfortable and confident in my decision. Recovery with no narcotics was so easy. I was surprised at how good I felt after surgery. Everything healed up perfectly and I’m so happy I went with him. I’d highly recommend him!

B.T. Google

I had top-surgery done by Dr. Iteld and could not be happier with the results! He is a rockstar. I had a double incision with free nipple grafts and everything has healed so well. Dr. Iteld and the professionals working with him were extremely helpful, supportive, and kind throughout this entire process. They are quick to respond to questions and concerns, and genuinely care about what you are looking to get out of their services. I felt listened to and cared for while in their hands. Could not recommend Dr. Iteld enough!

N.H. Google

i had a great experience with Dr. Iteld and his office! Everyone was kind and helpful, my experience was smooth and as easy as i can imagine a surgery being! Thank you!

N.L. Google

275cc, mods, overs, 35 y/o, 125lbs, 5'5, 2 kids, 32A - A long time coming, the goal being to look proportionate and go from an A to a small C at the most. It’s more so about the look than the final cup size though! I have forever desired boobs, since I was a teenager! Just never happened for me. Dr. Iteld’s team was great and patient with me. I was eternally toying between 250, 275, 295 cc (with the understanding that what they put into your bod is roughly 25 cc more than the sizer you select). Ended up with a 275 cc implant, moderate profile, Allergan brand gel. The recovery has been crazy smooth. I feel great, out walking around but being very careful. I went out to dinner the night after the surgery, guys! Just be smart. Don’t overdo it. No one wants to end up back in the OR. CANNOT wait to see how these drop and look long term!Updated on 4 Mar 2024:Crazy to already notice a difference from day 1 to day 4 post op! I think these will be EXACTLY what I was looking for once they settle. Wish I could hit fast forward for a month. Still no pain. If anything this dang bra is the itchy and annoying part. Just by the straps due to the fabric weaving. I’m being VERY careful with my 2 and 4 year old. Definitely a challenge so make sure you have help constantly. Just remember it’s temporary!Updated on 7 Mar 2024:Day 7! My check-up is tomorrow! My left boob is a bit more swollen than the right, you can tell even the nipple is still puffy and a hair larger, while the right is responsive to the cold in this photo and not swollen. Super normal, not worried about it. You can see from the side photo that the “upper pole” of the breast looks a little less poofy as well as on the sides. Slow n steady!I can’t feel my nipples and the immediate area around, but each day I slowly get more feeling. Apparently this can take a few weeks. Overall still very happy with them and the healing process. Zero pain! Ready to get rid of this granny bra!

K. RealSelf


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Fine lines and wrinkles may be a natural part of the aging process, but they don't have to be permanent, thanks to DAXXIFY and other wrinkle relaxers offered at Iteld Plastic Surgery. With its unique formula and long-lasting results, this innovative anti-aging treatment offers women and men a chance to take back their confidence and define their own looks. To learn more about the benefits of DAXXIFY, arrange an appointment with Dr. Iteld and our friendly team in Chicago, IL today.

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